Virgin Media – St Mary’s Stadium

A Bespoke Counter for Southampton FC

Joinery Services:

• Bespoke counter
• Wine rack
• Soft close doors  

We received a late request from a new customer who had been commissioned by Virgin Media to refurbish the VIP Suite at St Marys, the Southampton FC stadium. The previous supplier of a specialist counter had difficulties delivering the product so we were asked to design and build the counter at short notice.

By this stage the whole project was nearly complete and the counter was required to be installed within two weeks of the initial request. We are very committed to our reputation for high-quality designs and builds so our first reaction was to decline because there wasn’t sufficient time to go through the design and build process.

After confirming that we were able to have a couple of planning sessions and review meetings we reached agreement that we would help out. These meetings were very productive and we agreed the design for a high-end bespoke counter with a high-colour core laminate carcass and solid surfaces. At the final meeting we were also asked to incorporate a wine rack and soft-close drawers.

The final product was then built and installed the day before the new suite opened!