Southern Co Op Franchise, Southampton

A Store Fit Out with Bespoke Joinery

Joinery Services:

• Entrance barrier
• Self scan and manned tills
• Hot and cold drinks unit
• Bespoke fittings
• Made in our specialist Joinery Workshop

Our long standing partnership with the Southern Co Op Franchise has continued with a complete refit for their store, including bespoke joinery work, at Frobisher House in Southampton. The project was to increase the capacity and turnover by expanding into a neighbouring unit and installing a new store layout.

The first requirement was a new front barrier. This was primarily for security but without being imposing so it needed to be structurally solid while maintaining clear visuals into the store. It also needed to help the flow of customers entering the store, so as not to create a bottle neck. It is a tight space with some angles to accommodate so this was a challenge. Once we had completed the design the barrier was manufactured in our specialist joinery workshop.

To increase capacity the store merchandising was updated with new zones, including a new Food to Go area. This comprised of a bespoke hot and cold drinks unit, microwave, chiller unit and a larger storage cupboard.

Lastly, the checkouts were changed from a combination of 3 self scan and 2 manned tills to 5 self scan and 1 manned till for increased capacity. Again, these were designed and made in our joinery workshop.