One Stop – Modular Counter

The Modular Counter that works on Sunday!

In 2014, One Stop Stores completed a strategic expansion by adding 15 new stores to its network in the Midlands and North of England. The planning process identified a potentially high demand for newspapers in the new stores, particularly on Sunday.

Total Design Joinery were tasked with designing and building a prototype modular counter that would enable the stores to maximise newspaper sales. A prototype of the design was trialed by the retailer’s in-house merchandising team prior to being installed in the new stores.

Newspapers are displayed in racks fitted to the front of the counter. The racks are designed to be flexible and so can easily accommodate greater quantities of product at the weekend. The display style allows customers easy access to the newspapers and the chance to check out the headlines before deciding on a purchase.

The counter top is kept free allowing plenty of space for tills, and to display confectionery, lottery tickets plus seasonal and impulse purchase offers. One Stop’s research also identified a problem with baskets. Customers reported that there were never enough to go round! The new counter helps resolve this problem by incorporating more storage for more baskets.


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