Lush – York Store

Reclaimed wood does not come in standard sizes

LUSH wanted to update the York store with new shelving and display units to better reflect their brand and values.

Total Design Joinery were chosen for this project after LUSH carried out rigorous quality checks and workshop inspections to make sure their standards and values were met throughout the manufacturing process.

Keeping with the LUSH principles it was agreed that we would use reclaimed wood for the shelving and display units. This type of wood is difficult to work with and labour intensive but we love a challenge that comes from working with different sizes and thicknesses of planks and converting these from a very rough surface to a smooth finish. That’s a lot of splinters!

We pride ourselves on attention to detail so we also re-designed the bottom of the display units to create new custom-designed wheels. Metalwork expertise is just one of our USPs.

LUSH were really pleased with the final look of the store and that we had completed the project in six weeks. We’re now working on their next project.


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