Goodwood Aerodrome

A Bespoke Reception Desk for Goodwood Aerodrome

Customer: Beard Construction
Joinery Services:

• Fixed Counters
• Reception Desk
• Bespoke Desks & Tables
• Internal Doors
• Glass Hinged
• Display Cabin

We were introduced to Beard Construction by Rob Owen of SMD Construction Consultancy for a specific project at the well-known Goodwood Aerodrome. Here, we worked closely with Design Engine Architects. Their requirements for a high-quality stand alone and fixed joinery was right up our street and included a bespoke reception desk.

Working together with both clients and architects, we managed to contribute to the design and execution of a complete refurbishment of the aerodrome, using a wide variety of materials including Solid Surface, MFC, MDF, Forbo desktop lino and steel to name but a few.

There were a few hurdles on this job, one being the Solid Surface Units. Solid surface is extremely heavy, so we reinforced the surfaces with steel flat bar.

In addition to all the fixed counters and reception desk, we manufactured pilots plotting tables, simulator desks, internal doors and a very impressive glass hinged display cabinet.

This project, not only exceeded the client’s expectations but was also a building block for a fantastic working relationship with the architects.