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Our Approach

Attention to detail, traditional joinery methods, outstanding finished products.

A unique, five step process

Take a look at the unique five-step process we use to build you exactly the bespoke furniture you need to improve your environment or increase your sales quickly and cost-effectively.


Step 1

We’ll discuss a design layout with you

It starts with a conversation with our specialist joinery team so we understand what you want and, importantly, your desired design and layout.

The products we design and build have to fit within – and enhance – the design and layout requirements of your space. So, at this point, we’ll discuss a design layout with you and talk about the options for future adaption.

Step 2

We’ll convert the design into a prototype

We want the products delivered to you to work first time. Getting it wrong can prove very expensive. That is the reason we invest our time in a collaborative process in which you get to see, try out and comment on the design and build at every stage of the process. We start by building a prototype which you can see, test and amend.

Step 3

We’ll bring it to you so you can see how it works

In most cases we will create a working version of your product which you can try out, get to know how it works and, if necessary, make any last minute tweaks.

hand crafted

Step 4

We’ll produce it

Our expert joiners will craft the products you want, to the agreed specification using the highest-quality, British made products.

Step 5

We’ll store it and install it when you need it

Your business needs come first – so we’ll deliver and install your products whenever and as quickly as your business needs dictate. If that means an overnight or fast install, that’s what we’ll do. We’ll also arrange storage.


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